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Life in the Valley

There are so many places to spend time at Butterfly Valley… Life in the Valley:


Kelebekler Vadisi'nin şelalesi

Butterfly Valley Waterfall

You can reach to the waterfall, the home of butterflies by walking on the path that pass from the middle of the Valley. At this point, the valley walls come together and block the sun. There are lush trees and amazing shapes on the rocks. You can see Tiger Jersey butterflies while you are walking. The sound of the waterfall charms you at every step. Noises harm the butterflies, so it is important to keep the silence. The source of the waterfall is at Faralya village and to climb up to the higher levels of the waterfall is dangerous.

Stone House

One of the two stone buildings in the valley, Stone House located on the road to the waterfall and village is like an oasis for the visitors. At the Stone House, you can lie down on the platforms under the trees and read, taste handmade food and drinks, watch the beautiful sunsets and participate workshops. At nights you can watch movies or join a party and have a fun night by the fire. Stone House is also the headquarters of the school project.

Taş Ev

Stone House


Rock Bar

Rock Bar is not a regular bar. Settled on a terrace at the left hillside of the beach, Rock Bar is reached by narrow steps that carved into boulders. Nights here are full of music, dance, sounds of the waves, lights of the stars and the moon. From time to time, you can participate to shows and live music events. Be prepared to surprises at Rock Bar. The bar is in service by June.


Kelebekler Vadisi, Rock Bar

Butterfly Valley, Rock Bar


Fishing Port

The Fishing Port opened last year at the end of the beach, serves fresh seafood and drinks. You can come by anytime of the day to enjoy a fish meal. Fishing Port is in service by May and also provides some services and supports (like water) to the boats.


Diving School

With the Diving School which is in business over 10 years, you can explore Meditarrean underwater life. We are waiting for all diving enthusiasts to train or explore. (Open by June.)


Vadi'de dalış okulu da var

There is a Diving School in the valley


Restaurant & Cafe

The restaurant is the breakfast and dinner serving area. There is food and drinks service during the day. There are two platfofrms, many hammocks and shade to spend all day and have fun with the other guests at night. Restaurant will be open after 20th of April.

Juice Stand / Shop: You can try refreshing juices all day long and find your basic needs at this stand.


Most of the fruits and vegetables served in the valley are grown here and of course they are organic

Most of the fruits and vegetables served in the valley are grown here and of course they are organic

Daily Visitors and Yatchs

Daily visitors and yatch visitors may use the facilites. Waterfall entrance is paid and daily visitors can not benefit from the opportunities of breakfast and lunch included packages.We kindly request from the daily visitors and yatch owners to keep the valley clean and be careful with the wastes.