Butterfly Valley Establishment is the only establishment in the valley. Our establishment is responsible for all transportation, accommodation, supplying the needs of the visitors, ensure the security of visitors and employees, to take due precautions to protect the wildlife and to carry out projects. Thus, the visitors who want to stay in the valley, should stay within the knowledge of the establishment no matter what the circumstances are.

Standart Bungalov
Standart Bungalov

We have package programmes for our visitors. The packages include open buffet breakfast, dinner, accomodation in a tent or bungalow, bed, sheets and blankets. There is no discount for your own tent or equipments. We have student %10 student discount if you have your student certificate. We offer %10 discount for longer stays from the 4th day. You can not have two discounts. Children under the age of 7 are free of charge.

Water and electricity of Butterfly Valley are not provided by the government but our establishment. We are using solar power for hot water. We offer a charging station for the electronic devices. Mobile phones are out of the coverage area. There is satellite internet connection.



Months Large
Bungalows Comfortable
January – February 180 TL 150 TL 135 TL 120 TL
March – April – May 195 TL 165 TL 135 TL 120 TL
June – July – August -September 225 TL 180 TL 165 TL 150 TL
October – November – December 195 TL 150 TL 150 TL 135 TL


Fees are per person. The rates include a buffet breakfast and dinner.

Large bungoloves have a shower and toilet. (Our large bungalows have a total of 7. The others can use a sufficient number of showers and toilets in common areas.)

Child-friendly In the valley, children under 0-12 years of age are not charged. Children between the ages of 13-15 (including 15 years old) have a 50% discount.

We have a children’s club called Stone House where you can safely entrust your children. Activities are organized for both children and families.

Early booking is discounted.

20% if you pay the full amount by the end of March

15% if you pay the full amount by the end of April

Students and groups receive an extra 10% discount.

If you arrive with your own tent, you will receive a discount of 30,00 TL from the small tent price.
(Note: You must bring your bed sheet, pillow, pillow and mat.)

Büyük Bungalov: Duşu, tuvaleti ve kiminde terası bulunur.
Large Bungalow: Ensuite with a terrace

Showers – Toilets – Other Services


There are shared showers and toilets. We have hot water 24 hours. There is no washing machine but we provide necessary items for hand washing. We offer safe, a charging station, first aid, we accept credit cards and can exchange.


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